The Roey room

You descend the ladder into darkness. You stretch your arms wide but they get about halfway before your fingertips feel a cold and wet wall. It feels like stone. Jagged and natural.

You realise the corridor is about three feet wide but you shuffle forward cautiously. As you progress further, a loud beat sounds at the pace of a heart being pushed to its limits. Your feet stick to the floor as you get closer to the noise, which in turn gets louder and faster. Your feet resist ever so slightly as you keep walking, the floor hugging the soles of your shoes. Your fingers feel different. No longer cold wet stone, but sticky woodwork. The noise is drowning now.

It sounds like music.

As you try and step even further, your foot collides with something. Fondling the dark object in front of you, you soon feel something resembling a door handle.

You hope that’s what it is.

You pull the handle and push the door from you, opening an overwhelming light into your world. You were blind by darkness but now by light.

The music is upon you. It sounds like a Ed Sheeran song.

Thank fuck it isn’t.

As you rub your eyes, they become adjusted to the familiar setting. You see familiar faces. You like it here and stay to enjoy the music.

Perhaps you go to The Bar and get a Snakebite.

When you’ve had enough fun, head back down the corridor, climb the ladder and return to Reception


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