Room six

Room 6 is a room of horrors. Unlike the other hotel rooms, the door is blood red and at waist level there is a large black hole, presumably where the door handle once was. You touch the door and it slowly creeks open. You walk in and the door slams shut behind you. Inside is an equally horrifying room. You focus on the left hand side of the room. The walls are dripping red paint. There is a slanted oak table; all the leaflets that use to perch on top are now scattered across the far side of the room, in the corner. The chair that usually tucks under the table has been dismantled, lying in pieces on the red painted floor. Just above the table, there is a small television dangling from the wall- the screen is smashed.

The right hand side of the room lies in the shadows- you cannot make out a thing. Your eyes are eventually drawn to the curtains and you notice that one curtain is red whilst the other is black. The side that is red has been torn and the light that shines through the gaps has successfully illuminated the left side of the room. The right curtain has been pressed against the window with a thick black slime, rejecting the outside world.

You walk over the window and carefully pry the black curtain from it unnatural position- the right hand side of the room is revealed. Out of the corner of your eye you notice something. You’re not alone, shivers crawl up your spine. Behind you is a figure in a black cloak, rocking back and forth on the barely visible red floor. Around it is a circle of black coal, smeared over the once red walls. There is no bed nor bedside cabinet, only the remains scattered around the figure in ashes. It has noticed you now and its blood red eyes burn through your soul. Standing, it paces towards the closed door and manages to walk through it. You run toward the door and open it, only to find you’re no longer opposite the reception, you’re in the attic.


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