Swimming pool

 Midnight was my first encounter. I swear it was real…

The hotel manager’s daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday so she decided to throw a pool party – All the teenagers were invited. The pool was by room 10, beautiful, lush and most of all, expensive, with careful thought to it’s interior. I didn’t swim, but I liked to sit by the edge and watch people make a fool out of themselves, so that’s what I did. The pool was spacious and had no shallow end, which made me feel more uneasy than excited but a toe dip wouldn’t hurt right? The pool was warm and pleasant (don’t expect me to put any more of myself in there). 

That’s when I saw it, a  white piece of transparent clothing floated around the pool and at first I laughed it off – Maybe someone wanted to wash their clothing or some ridiculous thing like that but the cloak was replaced with a pair of eyes, staring back at me from underneath my foot. I remembered falling into the pool, screaming. This was it, I thought, this was how I was going to die. But I was pulled to the surface by the birthday girl, Valerie who was a laughing mess.

‘‘What’s up with you, can’t you swim,’’ She said like it was fact. I didn’t answer, I mean who would when you’ve found a possible ghost in the hotel swimming pool? Instead, I pointed at the pool and made a dash towards the stairs.

This is where you could find the person that was booked in Room 44. There was a big party going on, that filled most of the pool, quite fortunate that I was the biggest pool you’d had seen ever. Among the teenagers having a good time, including one who fell in, something stood out about the two people at the edge of the shallow end.

 One is a middle aged man with a white shirt on, long enough to partly cover his green swimming trunks. The other is a woman of similar age, a dark blonde, with a frilly blue bikini. From her body language, she is trying to seduce the man, but from his lack of eye contact and uncomfortable demeaner, he’s not interested. It also looks like they’ve meet before, as you briefly heard the woman calling him Conrad, presumably his first name. You didn’t want to get involved, it was too hectic already.


Stairs to room ten


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