Hate My Name

My Dad named me after himself. He switched his first and middle names around. He’s James Andrew, and I’m Andrew James. Originally, I was going to be called Angus after my grandfather or great-grandfather; I forgot which one was it. Angus seems so old-fashioned. I seem to remember Dad telling me if I was born a girl, I would have been called Kirsty.

For the record, I hate my name. The first part, Andrew, is fine. But McClenning is so hard to spell. Coupled with my verbal dyspraxia, people had a tough time, after I introduced myself, understanding me.

Angel, one student, at Uxbridge College, said after first introductions.

Steven Scott should have been my name if I had it way. Funnily enough, Steven is my confirmation name. Yes, I was confirmed. However, I turned to agnosticism after being an atheist* for the majority of my teenage life.

*From Year 7 to sixth-form, I attended a Roman Catholic/Special Needs school in Uxbridge.


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