My Name Story- Shannon Sarah House

My full name is Shannon Sarah House. The name Shannon originates from the River Shannon in Ireland and means little old wise one. I was named Shannon by my mother, after her favourite American actress Shannen Doherty for her talent, beauty and knowledge; whilst my middle name was a tribute to my mother’s first born niece. However, neither of these names had exactly been planned for me because according to my 20 week scan I was a boy. My parents had agreed on naming me Adam Louis House; Adam being a great name both parents liked and Louis being a tribute to my Great grandfather, Louis Chaloner. But to my parents’ surprise, they were soon to welcome their third child and second daughter into the world. Growing up I adopted many nicknames, some of my favourite and most memorable ones being cheeky monkey, Shanny Annie and curly Shirley. Cheeky monkey came from my father, who couldn’t take me shopping without me finding a monkey and pouting when he told me to put the stuffed toy down. Shanny Annie and curly Shirley were nicknames given to me by my mother who was obsessed with my hair, which reminded her of child actors Shirley Temple and Aileen Quinn from Annie.


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