When my mum and dad named me, they weren’t massive fans of Disney or Alice in Wonderland but they went ahead anyway and called me Alice. Growing up I was often referred to as Alice in Wonderland and when I was in my teenage years, I was taught the ‘Alice, Alice who the f**k is Alice’ Song much to my delight. One of my older sisters calls me Al Bundy from the sitcom Married with Children, but not to be confused with the serial killer Ted Bundy as that would just be just be weird. Now a day she shortens it down to Bundy whenever I see her and my oldest sister ALWAYS calls me AT (Alice Turner) no matter what, if she texts me, calls me on the phone or in public its always AT. My parents just call me Al for short which I had grown used to with friends just calling me Alice but when I started my job a few years ago the older women called me Al, it was strange because I’m only used to hearing my mum and dad call me that so whenever they would say Al at work, it took a moment to realise they were speaking to me.

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