Sitting at a service station’s Burger King with my mum and dad, we were discussing favourite children. My logic was that because I was the youngest child, they were unsatisfied with my two older brothers and were happy with me, so stopped conceiving. My dad teased that the eleven year age gap between me and my brothers means I was an accident. Then my mother, the person I love the most, solemnly stated that I am lucky to be alive. I half-jokingly asked if I genuinely was an accident, but she said, “If I knew you were a boy I would have had you terminated.” My mother was deadly serious that I was a planned female child, and could have been aborted. I followed up by asking if my androgynous name of Jordan was what they planned to call me, but my mother told me that my original ‘girl’ name was going to be Lisa. I was quite confused where ‘Jordan’ had come from, but my dad was able to shed some light on the situation. Apparently Jordan was the name of the Page-3 topless model in The Sun the day I was born.

I am named after Katie Price.


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