Green Herb

My mother has always been a believer of the bible. She has also always been a rebel. First, she was a punk, then moved into the new-age, then became a hippie. Then I was born, and she named me Chloe-Jo. My mother wanted to call me Chloe and my Father wanted to call me Jo. So on the 29th of April 1989 that (horrible) name was born.

Chloe in the bible means green herb. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why a hippie would call her daughter after a “green herb”. My mother’s never explicitly told me she ever smoked “herb”. But after been raised by a woman that wore tye-dye shirts under dungarees a, in hindsight, I can make a wild guess and say at some point in her life, she may have smoked the herb.

Never in my life have I met another Chloe-Jo, however, if you Google it, you find “vegan rock star” Chloe-jo Davis. (I wonder if her mother was a bible loving, weed loving, child bearer.) Being a vegan may highly suggest an alternative upbringing. I was brought up vegetarian and later went on to veganism (was also in a “rock-band” too). So I wonder if all this stuff I keep reading about names shaping who you become really is true. I never would have believed it until I found the only other person in this world I have found with my stupid name, is living the same life as me.



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