The origin of my nickname begins in year 7 at 11 years old. It was a common practice among the boys in my class to refer to people by their last name. Since my last name was double-barrelled many deemed it too long and didn’t bother. However, during a science lesson a friend named John called me Lambi (it rhymes with the animated deer). At first we all thought it was funny but the next day people were still calling me it. Then the next day, and the next until eventually the jokey name had stuck. For the next seven years, throughout secondary school and sixth-form I was referred to as Lambi. At first I did not like it and it became quite annoying but gradually it grew on me and i did not think twice when someone called it. It got to the point where it was my identity as only my family called me my actual name, all my friends, other students, and even teachers would call me Lambi. There was even a small adjustment period when i moved into uni for my first year as i was not accustomed to being called by my birth name.


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