Jack Edward Purkis

I don’t know why my parents named me Jack. There are no other “Jack’s” in the family that I know of. It was one of the most popular boy’s names in the 90’s, and throughout school all “Jack’s” were referred to by their surname’s, as there was an abundance of us. Edward is my middle name. It is also my Dad’s middle name. My brother’s middle name is William, he gets that from the middle name of my grandad on my mother’s side, so perhaps that is also the case with mine. Having said that, I don’t know what my other grandad’s middle name was. I don’t even know his first name. His surname was Purkis, same as mine. There aren’t many of us, even fewer spelled with just one ‘s’. Someone once told me that the name had Irish roots. The internet says we’re from Kent. I wanted to know more so I went on ancestry.com, but I can’t afford £30 a month. I found one picture though – Henry Purkis, standing in front of a grocery store bearing his name in Haslemere, Surrey. There was no date. At a guess I would say around 1920, maybe pre-war. There he stood, proud, hands behind his back, smiling as if he were alive.


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