Rianna (“Rihanna, Rihannon”)

Rianna. Contrary to popular belief, the name doesn’t originate from the Caribbean but was instead made more popular by a famous Caribbean singer. The name is, in fact, a Welsh name which means Great Queen or Goddess. Prior to the rise of fame in 2006 of the famous singer with the same name, it was incredibly uncommon for me to share my name with anyone, in fact, growing up I never knew another Rianna, only a Rihannon and a Rianne. The more personal story behind my name is even more unrelated but just as important and the reason behind the unique spelling of my name. My mother, as she watched the 6 o’clock news one evening in the early 90’s, noticed a female newsreader of colour. She remembers the shock she felt and the level of awe she reached and was inspired by the changing times and the beauty behind the uniqueness of the name.


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