Abisha. Abi for short, sometimes Abz as my best friends call me. My parents had to name me pretty soon after I was born. The reason they had to name me so soon was because the doctors said I had 24 hours to live due to some complications with my intestines. The nurses called me a miracle baby as I was healed with no surgery and survived. The name Abisha is taken from the Old Testament in the Bible. The original name in the Bible is ‘Abishai’, who was a soldier, but my parents dropped the i to make it suitable for a baby girl. If you google the name, it means “gift of God”. And my middle name, Sharmi, is my tamil name. I’m not too sure where that came from, I think it was made up to rhyme with my sister’s middle name, and also because my parents and sister have middle names beginning with the letter S. So that’s the story of my name.

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